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How many FUX do you give?

Gain perspective on how to allocate your most valuable asset: your attention.

Your FUX allocation equals how much time you can dedicate to the project.

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Connect your wallet and claim your FUX

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Allocate your FUX to workstreams

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Get vFUX and evaluate your fellow workstream participants

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Improve your skills and grow with FUX

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Evaluate completed workstreams and distribute vFUX across contributors

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The FUX flywheel

  1. CREATE Workstream(s) and invite contributors.
  2. GIVE FUX: Contributors stake their attention into workstreams.
  3. GET vFUX: Peer to Peer evaluations of perceived value created.
  4. GROW your skills by learning from your evaluations and contribute to new workstreams.
  5. ... Repeat

Why should you give a FUX?

Burn out icon

Avoid burnout due to overcommitting

Capacity icon

Easily calculate your capacity for new projects

Time Icon

Enhance your time management skills with one place to view all your projects and commitments

coordinate icon

Provides projects coordinators a peace of mind to know who is committed

identify commitments icon

Helps you manage and identify over commitments across all your projects

contribution icon

Learn how teammates value your contributions to help your continual skill growth

feedback icon

Receive feedback from fellow workstream participants

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Assign value based on vFUX evaluations if a workstream is funded

collective icon

Distribute funds across workstream participants based on vFUX ratings

Your future

with v


vFUX: (noun) A measure of one’s value as determined by the other members of your workstream in the evaluation stage.

Ready to give some FUX?

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